DCSPORTS87 Group FAQ's and Information

How often do break cards ship?

Every group break ships within 1 day. I ship every single day the PO is open including Saturdays.

When is payment due for break spots?

        Within 15 minutes of the break or mini filling.

What cards ship from personal and group breaks?

For all breaks, every hit, numbered card, insert/parallel and star rookies will ship.

For personal boxes all cards will ship if requested.


1. Payout is 80% minus 50 cents per listing
2. We payout however you want. Break credit, paypal, check.
3. We update our numbers nearly every day now. As your cards get paid for, your credit/cash available will increase on these days. We can payout as often as requested.
4. Check the google link below to see your credit status.
5. Let me know within 15 minutes of a break if you'd like your hits consigned.
6. Send me however many cards you'd like, it can be 1 card or a large flat rate.
7. Cards that go unpaid for will be automatically relisted after 12 days of ending.

Break Credit Google Doc:

send consignment & BGS cards to:

PO Box 5097
Glen Allen, Va 23058


If you'd like a break hit to be graded please let me know the same day of the break. We ship very quickly so I need to know ASAP.
BGS Grading fees:
10-day service: $18 
5-day service: $26


Thanks to everyone who has hung out and joined our breaks, it is MUCH appreciated!  Please contact with any further questions you may have either on Facebook in the dcsports87 group or me directly (Zach Camann)